AHLIHA had always been fascinated with the unique elegance and beauty of the Orient, but being young at that time and globalization not advanced as today, she was not able to afford or purchase those elegant garments.

Also as a Muslim, she admired the distinctive, extraordinary attires that expressed faith and culture at the same time and changed from traditional black to a variety of different forms, colours, and styles.

She knew she wasn’t the only one with the desire to express her faith in multiple ways and still be fashionable. The rise of Islamic / modest fashion has brought it to another level of prominence so much so that it is not uncommon to see women who do not practice Islam wearing those attires.

For this reason, she wanted to ensure that those mesmerizing garments could reach women on the other side of the world, create and offer products that any woman can enjoy wearing, and shine with her originality despite her beliefs and culture.

She developed this desire as a result of growing up in Europe, via her diverse group of friends, who come from all countries and religious backgrounds, and who have mutual respect and love for each other’s traditions and beliefs.

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