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  • With our first project using AddizTech we got a fresh app created for one of our clients in just a month. We can focus on other areas of our business when we use AddizTech. Still making a lot of money and still making our clients very happy. AddizTech helps us bring in more revenue for our small marketing firm!

    testimonial3 Anon. Los Angeles, CA
  • I’ve worked with them several times. They are innovative, creative, and have always met our timelines. I have been very pleased with their follow-up and pleasant attitude. My calls or emails are always answered promptly. They have done great work at a very reasonable rate and I would highly recommend them for any project.

    testimonial3 Randy S. Dallas, TX
  • I've hired AddizTech on several website development projects. Their Project Managers are always detail-oriented and delivered on time and within budget. They make me look great to my boss.

    testimonial3 Jessica B. Atlanta, GA
  • We did significant research before selecting a Data Entry Service. This team was prompt, accurate and cost-effective. They seemed to provide an extra level of attention to ensure that they understood what we needed and met my expectations. I would recommend AddizTech & Team.

    testimonial1 Hope L Miami, FL
  • Muhammad Adnan and his team helped me in customizing my website theme. AddizTech’s diverse and versatile experience helped them create an innovative website for me. Thanks a lot AddizTech

    testimonial1 Brian J Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Thanks to Addiz Tech I.T Solutions, we were able to get a fresh app for one of our clients in just a month. And because of that quick TAT we were able to close more projects. Addiz Tech I.T Solutions helped me make more money. A+

    testimonial3 Ross F Los Angeles, CA
  • Their ideas, great communication and the level of expertise are undoubtedly the best in the industry. AddizTech developed an amazing website for us, had great ideas on functionality, implemented SEO – all that led to increased sales by a healthy margin. They are still managing our social media now – A++!

    testimonial1 Andrew S. New Castle, NY
  • AddizTech has the right mix of personalities, knowledge and expertise to work on different kinds of projects. They did a website and an app for me. Always available - even on weekends - to respond to my requests. Highly recommended.

    testimonial3 Jennifer L. Irvine, CA

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